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Donations help us purchase resources for our clients like books, binders, and other transition related wares and provide services at a significantly reduced cost.

Art Therapy

Chelsea O'Neil Karcher

Art Therapist

The Center for Community Healing


Cultivating healing, hope, and opportunity for LGBTQ+ people in Wisconsin


Who we are...

The Center for Community Healing is a queer and trans owned family business
and the first LGBTQ+ mental health counseling center of its kind in Wisconsin.
We work with people from across the state, both in person and remotely, to provide
mental health counseling, advocacy, and community education in an effort to
reduce the barriers queer and trans people face in their daily lives.

Our goal is to facilitate transformation through direct services with LGBTQ+ people
in our community and by developing partnerships with healthcare and
service providers to increase awareness, resources, and ignite change.

Mental Health


Art therapy and mental health counseling for individuals, intimate partners, and families.

Pregnancy +

Sexual Health

Pregnancy support for all bodies, all families, all choices, and all outcomes.

Gender Affirmation

Letters for hormones and surgeries, coming out, advocacy, and support.

Consulting +


Workshops, 1-on-1 consultation, and presentations.

In the news...


Due to COVID-19, we will not provide in-person sessions until at least April 10th.

Call Shannon at 1-608-520-0461 to schedule phone or telehealth video sessions.

Thank you for doing your part to practice safe physical distancing!