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Art Therapy

Chelsea O'Neil Karcher

Art Therapist

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The Center for Community Healing


Mental Health Care For Us By Us


Due to COVID-19, we are providing phone or telehealth video sessions only.


Shannon at 608-520-0461

Heatherwynn at 415-240-6062


Katt at 414-485-5984

to schedule.

Thank you for doing your part to practice safe physical distancing!


The Center for Community Healing is a counseling center based in Madison, Wisconsin dedicated to serving LGBTQ+ individuals, couples, and families throughout the State of Wisconsin.
​Queer folx in distress need skilled clinicians who understand their lived experiences and identities.  We are queer and trans clinicians who have significant clinical expertise in supporting recovery from trauma, managing anxious and depressive symptoms, and making relationships work for you. 


Counseling for individuals, intimate partners, and families.

Letters for hormones and surgeries, coming out, advocacy, and support.

Transgender and Gender Non-Comforming 

ages 18+

LGBTQ+ youth

ages 13-17

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