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I'm Chelsea

An art therapist and counselor, professional birth doula, educator, and fierce advocate dedicated to making the crossing of life's biggest thresholds as positive and satisfying as possible.

Love Warrior.

For as long as I can remember, I have been totally mesmerized and intrigued by our human desire for connection.  I have always wanted to know, why do humans do the things we do and how can we influence each other to bring about more kindness and social change?  Why do some people struggle while others find a way to thrive?  What do we need to feel connected, joyful, and prosperous? And what is my role in this life? Deep in my heart I believe the answers to these questions lie in the way we love and treat our children.  I believe our babies and youth deserve better and I believe we deserve better.


Being an art therapist and professional birth doula is the most sacred activism I have ever felt.


Sexuality, bodies, and birth in our society are politicized, hidden, controlled, cleaned up, covered up, medicated, commodified, and mystified.  Most of us are taught to see our bodies as full of conditions and problems to fix and we have to endure in agony instead of learning about the magic our own bodies are capable of. Bodies are scary and unpredictable but they can also be transformative, exciting, hopeful opportunities to learn so much.


I want you to know your body is designed to be strong and resilient, birth and sex and gender are natural and vulnerable processes, and it can be so much better and brighter than you have ever imagined (with a little support).

I provide support for all bodies, all families, all choices, and all outcomes of pregnancy.

10 Things You Should Know About Me...

1. Five words used most to describe me: calm, kind, organized, creative, and reassuring.


2. I am an artist and a maker - I love to paint, draw, sculpt, loom knit, and build things.


3. If I was a cartoon character I'd be Grandma Tala from Moana. 


4. I have an unshakable love for Oprah's Super Soul Sunday.


5. My favorite app is Instagram! 


6. I am an ordained minister so I officiate weddings and sacred ceremonies (including Blessing Ways for new parents/babies).


7. I am a member of the Threshold Singers of Madison, a service choir that sings at the bedsides of people who are ill or dying.


8. I have a small rescue labrahuahua (black lab/chihuahua) named Pekoe Boon who likes to come to sessions (if you like to spend time with dogs).


9.  I'm a Virgo (intelligence, attention to detail) and Cancer Rising (loving, nurturing).


10. I want to meet you! Let's chat.

People work with me in a variety of ways. This may include...

  • 1 on 1 visits with you and your support people/partner (s) before, during, and after

  • Unlimited Text, email, and phone support shortly before, during, and after

  • Worksheets and planning materials to help you feel organized and prepared for decision making

  • Education about reducing pain, easing suffering, and caring for yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually

  • Tools and resources for coping and building confidence

  • Ceremony and ritual to assist in intention setting, releasing, or letting go

  • Emotionally releasing family of origin or past trauma

  • Perspective on what’s “normal”

  • Facilitation of dialogue with your own body wisdom & intuition

  • Assistance creating clear communication with care provider(s), & intimate partner(s)

  • Coping strategies for navigating confusing systems or frustrating outcomes

  • Exploration of spiritual, archetypal, & ritual aspects of the birthing and conception process

  • Referrals to trusted practitioners, books, & websites to help you on your journey


For specific information on packages and availability, please schedule a free consultation or send me a message with your specific questions.