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Our Team


Heatherwynn Seeley-Schreck, MA, LMFT

Pronouns: They/Them
Identifies as Queer and Genderqueer

Mental Health Counseling - Individuals ages 14+ & Couples

Somatic Therapy

Heatherwynn holds an MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Somatic Psychotherapy from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, California and is licensed in Wisconsin. They also do Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and hold certifications with Natural Lifemanship and EAGALA. They are currently working toward certification in Somatic Experiencing to further their education and integrate more Somatic work into therapies. 


Heatherwynn practices Somatic Psychotherapy through integration of different healing modalities. As a Somatic therapist and one who has worked in the Mental Health field for 18 years, they are passionate about learning and integrating how to heal from different traumas.


Heatherwynn’s areas of specialization are LGBTQIQ identities, Gender, Sexuality, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Communication and DBT skills education. They have worked with adolescents as well as adults in many capacities ranging from individual/couples counseling, crisis work, group facilitation, and outreach.

WI Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor 1036-124

NPI 1417022922

**Heatherwynn is currently accepting new clients. They work primarily with adults and will consider adolescent clients on a case by case basis**

Please contact them at (415) 240-6062 to schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation or an assessment in support of a letter for gender affirming medical care.

Please note that Heatherwynn does not accept insurance and offers services on an out-of-pocket basis only.

Katt Cochran, PhD

Pronouns: She/Her
Identifies as White, Queer, and cis 

Katt is a Licensed Psychologist in Wisconsin providing teletherapy for folks located throughout the state, and is located in Milwaukee. Katt provides individual therapy to adults and adolescents exclusively through our telehealth platform. 

As a therapist Katt seeks to build collaborative therapeutic relationships that are genuine, supportive, nourishing, and creative. Katt strives to create a therapeutic dynamic that honors a client's strength and knowledge and is empowering for clients to work towards their therapeutic goals. 

Katt practices from an interpersonal, feminist, and liberation-focused framework. This means she sees clients as experts on themselves, and seeks to empower individuals to enact change within their lives and systems. She is also actively assessing how systems of inequality and oppression have sharped a client's lived experience, and the strategies they have developed for facing these systems, with an ultimate goal of liberation from and dismantling of systems of oppression. 

Katt values the opportunity to address a variety of issues with clients, and believes the relationship/fit between client and therapist and the therapeutic style of the provider are the most impactful aspects of treatment. Katt often incorporates humor into the therapeutic space, and approaches therapy with unconditional empathy, encouragement, and care, and has a warm but direct communication style. 

Katt works with a variety of concerns with clients, including stressors related to life transitions, identity exploration and development, relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, grief/loss, and concerns related to traumas experienced including intergenerational and systemic trauma. She also works as a counselor educator at Alverno College and enjoys working as a therapist for other therapists and/or folks proving clinical care and doing healing work for others. 

If you believe working with Katt may be a good fit for you, or if you have additional questions, pleas call Katt at (414) 485-5984

WI Licensed Psychologist 3903-57

NPI 1821369869



Shannon Juniper Neimeko, MAAT, LPC

Pronouns: They/Them

Identifies as White, Queer, and Genderqueer

Mental Health Counseling - Individuals Ages 14+

Support Groups

Art Therapy

Shannon is the owner of The Center for Community Healing and is a counselor and art therapist with a specialization in serving LGBTQ+ and TGNC people, identity development, and supporting those experiencing minority stress. In their practice, Shannon aspires to support you in building resilience, crafting and owning narratives in ways that honor your strength and knowledge, and partnering with you in the service of your therapeutic goals.


As the former coordinator for Trans & Gender Non-Conforming Mental Health Services at UW-Madison's University Health Services, they have extensive experience providing counseling for TGNC and gender expansive people and in writing letters in support of HRT and gender affirming surgeries. They also have experience supporting individuals who are dually diagnosed with mental health and substance use concerns, and are trained in utilizing harm reduction psychotherapy. Shannon operates from a feminist and anti-oppression framework.

WI Licensed Professional Counselor 5517-125
NPI 1043785082

Maple -
Therapy Dog In Training
Coming Soon

Maple will be working on an invitational basis for in person sessions with Shannon. While she is a natural at cuddles, she is still learning other skills and will be ready to work in late 2022.  
She is hypoallergenic and very smol. 

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